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    About Us

Kendriya Vishwavidyala, is an university providing distance learning programmes for all sections of the society. The organisation's aim is to remove the barriers to quality education, whatever it may be. Be it financial constraints, or simply lack of time, the organisation provides the students or the professional looking to upgrade his skills with easy solutions to pursue the course of their choice. The university has been formed under the relevant legislation of the state of Tamil Nadu and the initiative to spread the light of education among the weaker sections of the population is growing from strength to strength.

Although the final objective of making education easily accessible to every person in the state of Tamil Nadu is far from being realised, the initiative has been a positive one. Our centres of the Tamil Nadu based institute are functioning well and the no. of students enrolled in them are increasing every year. Neither have we slackened in our endeavour to provide quality education nor have the students lost their zeal in overcoming any hurdles for their education.

In particular, our services have been of great help to the girl students living in the remote areas of the state. As the students are allowed to study from home, the parents are only too willing to let their child go for our courses. The additional benefit of affordable fee structure makes it even more convenient for them to concede to the request of girl students for pursuing a career. In fact as a tool for social change, especially in empowering the right of girls to get a fair avenue of educating themselves, our organisation's role has been exemplary in the state.

The girls or boys only need to pay a minimal fees and can start their education from home. This gives them a whole lot of advantages over the usual practice of migrating to a bigger town for better educational facilities. In the larger city which is usually bursting with students, getting a seat in good college is difficult. With our services, the students do not have to worry about lack of seat when applying for a course in our university, the quality education that we provide solves many of their problems.

The professionals who are labouring under tremendous work pressure but would still like to give a boost to their resume can also make very good use of our facilities. They can enrol for higher certification courses through simple process of enrolment after which the study material for their courses is sent to their home. Our objective of making education accessible to all sections of the population, be it the less privileged student in underdeveloped area, one with economic constraint, or one who does not have time to pursue a full time course, is achieved by our comprehensive distance learning programme with online access.

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